We offer courses inertial eccentric training and sports rehabilitation, adapted to the needs and possibilities of each client.

Training opportunities are broad. They include theoretical, practical, multidisciplinary exercises that you can work knowledge about devices and inertial measurement session performance athlete / patient (specific software).

We have a team of professionals: university professors, trainers, experts inertial training, physical therapists, equipment ChronoJump Bosco System developers specific program and other partners willing to train all persons and entities in the field of health and sport, interested in learning more about the inertial PROINERTIAL eccentric training.

We work with inertial methodology for +15 years.

We also offer opportunities to practice for free first-person development PROINERTIAL devices and meet their functional basic methodology.

We have training centers, physical therapy centers and rehabilitation with long experience in this methodology to show our knowledge and experience.

We design, manufacture, develop, train and sell our own inertial equipment, which provides a broad and defined the characteristics that are required for devices for each specific field vision.