Research, development and innovation is the heart of our Proinertial methodology. We are fortunate for having surrounded in a very professionalized in all areas involved environment. Development with design engineers, mechanical engineers and industrial engineers in Barcelona and provides an applied physics of inertial elements vision devices. Studies of science, technology, performance of force and treatment of sports injuries are part of our genetics. We study, work and cooperate with entities such as: Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya (University of Barcelona), University of Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull), Consell Català de l’Esport, Centre d’Estudis d’Alt Rendiment Esportiu (CAR Sant Cugat), Creu Blanca Clinic, University of Vic, as well as other agencies and centers linked to health and sport.

Inquiry planned by Dr. Josep Maria Padullés, who in 1998 first installed in Spain the first models of inertial devices INEFC – Centre of Barcelona, from the original brand Yoyo Technology (Sweden). We pursue new knowledge and a superior understanding in the scientific and technological field. Research, studies, theses and publications are constant in our environment.

Application of research results in Barcelona, as well as other scientific knowledge for the manufacture of new inertial devices since 2007. We continue to evolve with designs of new processes and technological improvement of materials, components and other elements involved in our systems inertial. In the last 5 years there have been other national and international distribution and marketing of inertial systems companies, so in turn we got feedback for continuous joint improvement of inertial eccentric work and its applications, many still undiscovered.

Activities whose results give us a technological breakthrough in person to obtain new items and production processes, continuously improving the above inertial devices. We continue to evolve the device to expand the range. At the same time, development and programming of specific software ChronoJump Bosco System and other partners encourage us to constantly improve.