PROINERTIAL® is a functional training concept with free movement at various intensities, with continuous resistance. The load can be adapted to any action and makes it possible to improve physical condition, increase strength, endurance and muscle power, as well as assist in the prevention and recovery of injuries.

The main characteristic is inertial resistance. The inertia of a disc is used which we accelerate in the concentric phase and resistance is offered in the eccentric phase of the exercise, developing work throughout the shortening and stretching cycle.

The work is quantified and shown in real time. The measurement of the data is basic and vital for the correct development of inertial training.

As variants of inertial loads (commonly called isoinertial), we offer: inertial discs and conical pulleys. Based on the variability of these elements and the counterweights of the masses, we modify the resistance in the exercises. This allows us a great variety of applications and progressions adapted to each practitioner.

It is based on an inertia flywheel whose axis is fixed to a support structure (inertia disc). One of the ends of a transmission rope is wound around this axis or conical structure in order to perform the traction. When the rope is pulled during the concentric action, the inertial mass continues to rotate and causes us to exert a resistance to stop the inertial mass.