We are a team of professionals united by the same passion: health and sport.

We specialise in performance training, strength development and sports readjustment. We are committed to innovation and technology applied to eccentric training. We have been working with this inertial methodology for more than 15 years.

We have been fortunate to grow and surround ourselves in a very professional environment, with great technological advances at the same University of Barcelona where we work (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia – Barcelona) and with great colleagues among whom we highlight our mentor, coach and friend Dr. Josep Mª Padullés.

We design, manufacture, develop, train and market our own inertial equipment, which gives us a broad and defined vision of the characteristics required for the devices for each specific area. As physical trainers, we apply this training concept as the basis for improving the performance of our athletes and preventing injuries. We constantly nourish ourselves and attend to all proposals in order to offer pioneering, high quality material adapted to the needs of each centre.

We offer eccentric inertial training and sports readaptation courses, adapted to the needs and possibilities of each client.

The training possibilities are wide. They include theoretical and practical knowledge and multidisciplinary exercises in which it is possible to work on inertial devices, and also the measurement of the performance of the athlete/patient session (specific software).

We have training centres, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres with long experience in this PROINERTIAL® methodology to show our knowledge and experience.

We also offer possibilities to practice for free in first person the development of the devices, as well as to know their basic functional methodology.