We are a team of professionals united with the same passion: health and sport.

We are specialized in training performance, strength development and sports rehabilitation. We committed to innovation and technology applied to eccentric training. We are working with this inertial training from +15 years.

We have been fortunate to grow and surround ourselves in a highly professional environment with great technological advances in the same University of Barcelona where we work (Institut Nacional d’Educació Física de Catalunya – Barcelona) and great companions among which we highlight our mentor, coach and friend Dr. Josep Maria Padullés.

Our first contact with inertial technology was thanks to him in 2000, with the first Inertial machines that were installed in Spain, specifically in the INEFC of Barcelona for research development and performance in athletes.

Our teacher and coach, along with many other professionals, are with us to develop our own sports equipment (Fuerza Inercia) since 2007. Since then, we apply this concept as trainers training as a basis for improving the performance of our sportsmen and injury prevention. We constantly nurture and take care of all the proposals to offer a pioneering high quality material and adapted to the needs of each center.

We continue to work with software development training ChronoJump Bosco System. We also use our devices and develop research in INEFC – Barcelona (University of Barcelona), we collaborate with University Blanquerna (Universitat Ramon Llull), Consell Català de l’Esport, Centre d’Estudis d’Alt Rendiment Esportiu (CAR Sant Cugat) Creu Blanca clinic, University of Vic and other agencies.  

We take this opportunity to thank all the athletes, clubs, medical centers, health centers, professionals, individuals, colleagues and partners who support us over the years to help us grow and develop our fans to sport and health

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