New modern version of the most complete portable conical flywheel pulley on the market. Made of reinforced aluminum. It allows all kinds of exercises and movements, from very low to very high resistance. Ideal for training at different heights and also vertical tractions. Lighter and more portable than previous model. You can combine indoor and outdoor work. Easy regulation of resistance by means of cone diameter and flywheel weights. Simple fixed point installation.

  • Manufacture of parts by numerical control
  • Reinforced aluminium structure
  • Inertial disc + cone
  • Inertial disc and counterweights protection
  • 6 counterweights
  • Low friction pulley
  • 4m. specific technical rope
  • Rotary sensor adaptation and installation (optional)
  • Grips, handles, displacement belt, harness, wall grip kit, vertical wall bar, floor platform, set of extra counterweights … (optional)
  • Weight: 18 kg.
  • Measurements: 55 x 45 x 68 cm.
  • Rope tensor
  • Handgrip
  • Double handgrip
  • Footgrip
  • Double pulley
  • Displacement belt
  • Rotary sensor
  • Handgrip/Footgrip mixed
  • Harness
  • Prosling
  • Aluminium bar
  • Ropeman
  • Extra set of weights
  • Quick wall grip kit
  • Vertical wall bar fit/pro
  • Floor platform fit/pro